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Local SEO UK

What is ‘Local SEO’?

Back in the days before the internet small businesses relied upon local papers and parish magazines to advertise themselves to their local market. Telephone directories such as the Yellow Pages were also used by small businesses who were happy to spread their wings and venture farther afield than their immediate local area. This worked for many generations and still does to a smaller extent today.

But then the internet arrived and it changed everything. Local papers are struggling to find advertisers and the Yellow Pages seems to get smaller and smaller with each new issue. This is because most consumers now turn to the internet when they’re looking for a local business and the rise of the Smartphone has meant more and more people are now using their mobile devices to find local goods and services than ever before.

Black Hat Advertising

So how does this affect a typical small business owner? How do they ensure that it is their business that appears on the first page of whatever search engine their customers are using? Back in the ‘old days’ many businesses simply added numbers or a string of ‘A’s to their name (remember businesses that used to be called AAAA+ Windows?) in order to top the lists in local papers and directories. This would probably be considered as ‘Black Hat Advertising’ in todays marketing world as it took advantage of the fact that most directories listed local businesses alphabetically so those with numbers and a plethora of ‘A’s at the beginning of their business name usually appeared higher on the list resulting in more calls from customers.

Back in the early days of the internet these same companies began employing ‘Black Hat’ SEO techniques to maintain their position at the top of the Search Engine Results Pages and this tactic worked well until Google and the other search engines became wise to it and began removing sites that were in violation of their guidelines. Bye bye AAAA+ Windows…

Local SEO is now a crucial element in helping a small or medium sized business attract more customers. Getting found on the first page of search engines has never been so important with 72% of consumers who performed a local search visiting a shop or business within 5 miles (source: Google) and 50% of consumers visiting a local business within a day of carrying out their local search (source: Google).

Your Local SEO Experts

Local SEO is all about ensuring your business appears on the first page of Google. If it doesn’t then the chances are that your customers are calling your competitor instead. Speak to UK SEO LTD today and see how we can help your local business get found online for searches that are related to your business. We have SEO packages starting from just £195 +VAT per month and wherever you are in the UK you can rest assured that UK SEO LTD can help your business get found in your local area.

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