UK SEO Experts

UK SEO Experts

Good Search Engine Optimisation is like a fine wine. It takes time for the optimisation techniques we use to take effect, but when they do the results can be dramatic.

Once we’ve been instructed to work on a website we carry out a number of tasks to discover what immediate work might be needed to ‘fix’ a website. Our in-depth SEO Audit will point us in the right direction and this can take a number of weeks to complete. This is because we focus on the most important points first before moving on to any other issues that need fixing. From missing ALT tags to duplicate META descriptions and titles, these can all impact on how well a website ranks in Google and other search engines. We systematically address these problems which can, in certain circumstances, result in a fairly fast improvement in rankings.

Generally speaking though, this is just the start of what we, as SEO experts, work on to improve a websites rankings.

An often overlooked issue is finding the right keywords. Keywords can be single words or ‘long-tailed’ phrases which can contain a number of words relating to a particular search term. When we carry out our keyword research we look for search terms that have a high volume with medium to low competition. We then strike a fine balance between volume (the number of times a search phrase is used on Google) and competition (the number of results in the Search Engine Results Pages) before we begin optimising a website for those keywords. We know from experience that trying to rank a website with low Domain Authority or Page Authority can be extremely difficult especially if competition is fierce. So we take our time in finding relevant keyword phrases that we can realistically rank a website for.

Part of the art of good SEO is the ability to discover good quality search terms that a website can benefit from. And that’s what UK SEO LTD do for all of our clients. Good keyword research takes time before we can find search terms that will benefit our clients with higher rankings and increased organic search traffic. All of our Search Engine Packages include comprehensive keyword research to ensure we find search terms that are relevant and current.

Good SEO, undertaken by people who are passionate about their business, is why our clients choose us. Just like a wine connoisseur seeking a fine wine.

Speak to us today and see how UK SEO LTD can help your business achieve higher rankings and attract more organic clicks from Google, Yahoo and Bing.

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