SEO Optimisation

SEO Optimisation

Optimising a website to help it achieve a higher ranking position than a competitor is sometimes mistakenly called SEO Optimisation, or Search Engine Optimisation Optimisation.

Search engines rank websites based on a number of ranking factors using what is known as an algorithm. Google‘s complex computer algorithm program, for example, is rumoured to have more than 200 different factors which affect how a website is ranked in the Search Engine Results Pages, or SERP’s.

Google and other search engines are constantly updating their algorithms in order to provide the best search results to their users. This is important as delivering results that are both relevant and current means that user will come back to use their search engine again in the future. If a search engine is providing links to irrelevant and out-dated information then the chances are that user probably won’t trust them to deliver the right results next time they visit so they’ll more than likely use a different search engine next time they’re looking for something online.

A good SEO company understands the symbiotic relationship between the search engine, user and website owner. A search engine is looking to please the visitor, the visitor is looking for relevant information based on their search query and the website owner is dependant on the search engine to send it traffic.

So, how does SEO fit in? Well, a well coded website with unique content that is both factually correct and up to date is just what search engines are looking for. On top of that there are other factors to consider such as page load times, whether the website looks good on mobile devices and how secure it is.

UK SEO LTD are Search Engine Optimisation experts. We’ve been optimising websites since 1999 so we understand and implement good optimisation techniques that will help a website achieve its full potential online. SEO is not a quick fix. If you’ve been promised a first page ranking within a couple of weeks for a ridiculously low price then run for the hills. Good SEO takes time and patience and is often a frustrating mix of highs and lows as the search engines begin to re-index your website and adjust its position within their results pages.

We don’t cut corners and we don’t promise what we can’t deliver. We offer a high level of service and many of our clients see a very high return on investment once our optimisation practices take effect.

The first step on any SEO campaign is to carry out a full SEO Audit to find any issues that need addressing on a website. Our SEO Audit will help us understand what problems need fixing, if any, and are the foundations on which we build our SEO campaign for each of our SEO clients.

Take a look at our SEO Packages and then contact us to see how we can help your website get the traffic it deserves.

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